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PMod doesn't work when using a Single config setting

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Had this issue since around the end of 1.18. I like to use the single config variant of PMod as it allows for having all the options in one place.


I know that you're supposed to enable this via the pmod.json file, which I have done. I change the _single.json config to my liking, save it, but when ingame, the settings aren't applied. Switching back to the multiple config in the pmod.json file fixes this issue, and the mod works properly.


I've also attached the related files in question, as whilst I don't think I've entered anything incorrectly, it's entirely possible I've messed it up somewhere and that this could be a user issue.


I'm also aware I'm not using the most up-to-date version of the modpack, but there were no changes to PMod or any other mod I used, hence why I have not upgraded.



Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip pmod.json _single.json

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4 hours ago, Aslain said:

I don't use single config, I suggest to contact the author of PMOD about it.



I see you have error in config, maybe the json syntax is broken


2022-10-14 17:29:38.358: WARNING: [gui.mods.pmod] Error reading config *** цел отключен"}}} *** 
Expecting object: line 305 column 1 (char 7084) 


Is there any way I can fix this error, or is it just down to mod author to change?

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