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Modpacks won't install

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I have used these modpacks in the past with no issues. I recently expanded my HD size, uninstalled both WOT and WG. Uninstalled Aslains. Reinstalled WG and WOT on the new HD, installed Aslains on new HD, but Aslains now fails to show up in my game. Is it possible that Aslains is still finding instances of my old install and setting up on that install instead of my new WOT install? If so, how do I get it to recognize the new WOT install so that I can use it in my game?

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Most likely you didn't install the modpack to the right folder, it's the most common mistake.


To get the correct installation path start the WGcenter, press the Play button and check if the game is starting. You will see a button called Game settings, click that and a drop down menu open, then click on the Show in folder (as shown in pic below)



Once you click "Show in folder" it will open file explorer where you installed your WOT use the EXACT same path that is open for the installer. (picture below is my path, yours can/will be different). Select and copy this path (CTRL+C).




Then go to the installer window and paste it (CTRL+V).



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