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Booster Schedule Mod

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There may well be a Mod for this already? Is there a Mod anywhere that allows you to set up a schedule of CLAN BOOSTERS. Currently boosters have to be activated manually. If you, as my clan does run booster schedules every day for example we run ours 8 hours every day during the week and 12 hours a day over the weekend. This requires someone to manually activate boosters every 2 hours. This means having an alarm system and an App on your phone (just in case you have the audacity to log off the game for a while). Currently I have my Fitbit alarm sysyem set up for 12.00, 14.00,16.00, 18.00, 20.00 and 22.00 for the weekend and an alarm schedule starting at 16.00 during the week. Now surely there must be someone clever enough to devise an App that does this. I contacted War Gaming and did not even get the courtesy of an acknowledgement let alone a reply. Can someone point me in right direction or can someone actually devise something that does it! The day will come, and I know it will, when my clans thirst for Boosted Credits will be disrupted because I have a life, outside of Tanks that is !! 

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