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Problem with garage order

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Hello All,


Before making a bug post I wanted to check with everyone else here if I was the only one who noticed this problem? But it seems in the new version of the mod pack the garage order is changed if you enable the tank carousel.


Thus instead of the garage being in same order as the tech tree (China, France, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Japan); the order is changed by the mod to be Russia, France, Germany, UK, USA, China, Japan.


So basically the mod here is switching the order of Russia and China.

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I will fix this, new XVM is doing this. New order is like on RU server.


Wow Aslain!!! Thanks!!!


When it comes to WoT mods you have modders and then you have Aslain :D We can be glad we have Aslain super unicom of mods :P

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