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Team Panels font hardly readable without any Panel mod installed

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after playing in safe-mode yesterday, I noticed that the font on the player panels is much more defined and vastly superior to how my game usually looks. The problem is, I don't have any Panel mod installed that would change the behavior...?


Player Panels with modpack installed:


Player Panels without modpack installed:



It's obvious that something does change the panels, because the badges are missing - but again - I have nothing from either Panel section installed.


Mods used (taken from CompList.log):

      ----------[ XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod ]-------------------------------------------
         ----------[ GARAGE XVM ]-------------------------------------
            Hide "Premium Shop" button
            Hide "General" chat button
            Hide counter on the system channel button
            Hide a promotional tank in the garage background
            Hide event banner
            Hide Combat Intelligence
            Show the garage clock
               12h (AM/PM)
               More visible color
            ----------[ TANK CAROUSEL XVM ]-------------------------------
               Normal Carousel Cells
                  2 normal rows
         ----------[ OTHER XVM SETTINGS ]-----------------------------------------
            XVM Sight
               Aim Info
                  Sight: Flight Time
                  Sight: Only in spg view mode
                  Sight: Position No. 1 (on the right)
            Show alive players count instead of frags on Score Board
            Show Repair Panel on center near the sight w/L.CTRL
            Quick exit from the battle [F4]
      ----------[ NON-XVM MODS BRANCH ]-------------------------------------------
         ----------[ PMOD ]-------------------------------------------
            Disable gun shake effect after shot
            Scope Shadow Remover
            Enable horizontal stabilization in sniper mode
            Armour Penetration Indicator
               Indicator from PMOD
                  colorblind colors
         Damage Percent Indicator
         ----------[ RECEIVED DAMAGE LOGS ]------------------------------------
            Damage Log GambitER Integrated config by XFT
            Hide central feedback.
            Move logs to the right
         Marks of Excellence Calculator (MoE)
            Gun Marks Calculator protanki
            Marks in Garage
         ----------[ SIXTH SENSE (NON-XVM) ]-------------------------------------
            Sixth Sense Timer
            static icon
               icon: WoT Default
         ----------[ GRAPHICS PERFORMANCE ]------------------------------
            Fog Remover
               Remove: Fog & sun-glare
            Annoying Features Remover
               ---- in garage ----
                  ---- counters ----
                     Remove: Crew Skins Counters
                     Remove: Customizations counter
                     Remove: Menu Counters
                     Remove: Missions Header Counters
                     Remove: Notification Center Counters
                     Remove: Settings Window Counters
               ---- in battle ----
                  Remove: Dog Tags
                     of the killer
                     of the victim
            WoT Tweaks
               Disable exhaust smoke
               Disable wreckage smoke
               Disable tree motion effects
               Disable clouds
         ----------[ GARAGE ]---------------------------------------------
            Garage icons
               Tank icons
                  Tech-Tree & Battle Results
                     Class colored icons (v2)
                  Tank Carousel
                     Golden colored Premium Tanks by Aslain
            Daily XP Bonus by Hawg
            Crew Experience
               Crew Experience by Oldskool
         ----------[ MINIMAP MODS ]----------------------------------------
            Minimap images
                  Minimap images: w/spots for SPG-TD-SCOUT
            Minimap markers
               Requesting Fire Marker on the minimap
                  Marker on the minimap: aim circle



Any advice as to what is causing this, because I'd like to be able to actually read the stuff on the panels, which is barely possible as of now.



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Well that's very interesting....what could be causing this to happen? I've repaired the game client and deleted cache just on the odd chance that might interfere, but that didn't change anything either.


The fact that the player badges disappear with those mods installed, should mean that something on that list does in fact change the panels, but I am not knowledgeable enough to figure out what touches it by looking at the logfiles. 

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