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CTDs and sightfreezing in 9.7.

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So far nobody has found a definitive solution. Even other famous mod- packers and makers 

have these problems and nobody knows why.

There are mods that triggers these strange problems like "white dead tanks", active crosshairs 

like Harpoon, Meltys et.c. Even "Enemy Spotter" and other mods that collect info that goes between 

server and player.

It usually happens with tanks within render-range.


The sad thing is that its probably youre computer hardware or OS-software related (DirectX, C++ et.c)

maybe GPU relateddrivers or tweaks.

It happens every time when they update the game client. The more new tanks they add or tweak 

the effects, the more people get this.


There are literally millions that use these mods in different combinations and only a very small 

percentage that gets these problems.


The good thing is they will eventually go away when more updates and fixes are done.

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