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v1.19.0.2 #06b - issues with installation - client not found (incorrect game path(

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Tried installing the latest mod version (v1.19.0.2 #06b) - on the EU client, and it didn't pick my game's installed path and instead showed the default C drive path (which is incorrect). I manually switched to the correct path, it says EU Client on the mod selection panel, but reverts to default Aslain mod selection. Selecting own choice from top drop down menu does nothing. None of my existing choices show up. I exit the setup at this point as I don't want to mess with my carefully selected choices.


Thank you.


BTW, the mod was picked up as a false positive by AVG, I excepted it, and restarted it two times to see if that was causing the issue, but it kept doing the same thing, just starts with a C drive path and can't pick up my existing config.

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The installer has no function to find your game path automatically, it just installs to default path or to the latest path used. If you uninstall it will lose all settings and remembered installation folder. Since it's not a bug or mistake in the installer it leaves your PC and something on it, like antivir, user priviledges etc.


If you are worried to lost your selections, check if you still have .inf file, 


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Thank you for your reply and support. I managed to recover my settings using the LOADINF installer with my _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf file that was still in the Aslain modpack folder, but somehow wasn't getting picked up (I am still on the same PC, using same OS, nothing changed, except the last used Aslain version was Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. I wonder if the Anti-virus false positives had anything to do with breaking the continuity between mod pack installations.


All's well now, and I am grateful for your continued support. Happy new year.

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