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Grass missing from game

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After playing for some time (not first game) dont know exactly what triggers bug but i lose all grass in game it looks very strange, here is an example when i first join games and after some games played (same settings), i dont have same problem on test server so im guesing its some mod from modpack and i gues it would be very hard to narrow as i dont use any graphic settings mods.

Only way to fix is to exit game and start it again.

Anyone maybe has clue which mod could cause something like this?


Image withand without bug


World of Tanks Screenshot 2023.01.09 -

World of Tanks Screenshot 2023.01.09 -

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Hello mate, thanks for reply and happy new year!

Well i got everything maxed out except motion blur which is turned off, but as u can see on pictures those are same settings only deference is first picture is after playing some games and bug occurs and 2nd picture is fresh game start before bug happens.
But yea here are settings

World of Tanks Screenshot 2023.01.09 -

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