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Region changer plus Champi's autologin fail to authorize

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just wanted to report an issue that is not a real bug.


The fresh installed region changer (Aslain #2) doesn't work with Champi's autologin checked on. 

I got a Wargaming note with a failed login/authorization (German language in my case) and was not allowed to join the server. 




After de-installing the region changer all worked fine as before. Probably also changing Champi's default settings would work, but as I could only change that when logged in...there was no other way around. 

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Do you need auto-login anyway? It's game feature too when you launch it from WGC. Just don't use Auto-login when you are using region changer 🙂

Region changer will add more regions, and auto-login will try to login to a server where you have no account or different login/password and it will end up like that. Nothing can be done with this combo.


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@Aslain Sorry, no logs found. I used the de-installation exe plus deleted content of the res_mods folder before I realized about the possible conflict. Then I did a new install without the region changer. 



 Just don't use Auto-login when you are using region changer 🙂


When I use the WGC login, I have to hit enter to join, while Champi's autologin directly joins the server. 

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