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Problems with XVM from Solo

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Hei there


First of all a big thanks for keeping up the on the Aslain ModPack 🙂


After a while of being away from WoT I started again and wanted to install a few things but got some problems. So I reduced mods a little to see where the problem is. 

So I installed 2 things only:

1. Vehicle Contour Icons (Witblitz -> Witblitz's Style Colors -> Witblitz: Neon

2. HangMan

That worked for me.


Next I added 

XVM build -> Wargaming

Vehicle Markers (OTM) -> OTM by Solo

(no Panels or anything else)


As a result I now get mirrored enemy contour icons, the standard vehicle markers from XVM (that's how they look like) and I get XVM-Values in the Panel although I did not chose them during the installation. I have added a screenshot.

Could someone help me out please?






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JSONxLoaderException: File not found: res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\markers.xc


Something interrupted the installation, or you are not installing as admin and playing as admin. Check your user prviledges, anti-virus, and make sure you are installing it all when game is not running.


Installed the same mods as you, and everything is ok. 🙂



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