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WOT Reticles not showing?

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Hello, figured I'd finally ask about this.

I have tried multiple crosshair options from the modpack over the years, and have never seemed to be able to utilize them. I don't find the options in game under reticles, and even on clean installs, they never show up as default.

Currently have Jimbos v3 I believe installed, and nada.

Any input?


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Generally speaking, what options you can choose from these options depends on the crosshair mod creator. It is often that only some of these options allow you to change something after installing custom crosshair, I have no influence on it, the modification works correctly, this is the intention of its author.


In your video I can definitely see J1mbo v3 graphic elements so it works. You didn't show it in battle, but I guess it works there too.

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