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Slow download speeds? (plus question about reticle fix)

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Is anyone else getting stupid slow download speeds with the version? I have a 1 gig connection, with an actual speed of 775Mbs. Until 1.20.xx My total time to install the modpack was 2 minutes max including the unpack and install. Now the download speed is crawling along at 34Kbs and it takes ~45 minutes to download the mod pack and about 1 minute to install. 

Also, I had the reticle fix installed with 1.19.xx. Do I need to install a new version of that or reinstall it, since it wasn't in the res_mods folder?



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Hard to comment on download speed, it depends on many factors. Maybe try VPN or try to DL again later. In the update week there is usually many people download, and it may have impact on dl speed or you are unlucky with bad routing.


Fix Reticle Size is now named Better Reticle Size, and if you have had it selected before, you don't have to select it again, unless you uninstalled the modpack. Of course you have to install new modpack that is dedicated to WoT 1.20. 

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