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Tried a few times, and on 2 different accts, to log into the Game.   My 2nd acct has less crew and tanks, and the load wheel spins for quite some time on "Updating Crew...".  Thinks it did this once before on an earlier modpack for 1.20 o0


I tried logging into my EU acct, with no Mods, and it's fine.  I wanted to see the new Minimap change of the name reversal when tanks go to the far side of the Map.  Before THIS micropatch, I wasn't seeing the map change, AND tried the mod of going back to the old way, using the Alt key to change direction etc. BUT I found even with the mod turned off/unchecked, I never saw the WG map name switch...


Thanks for help on both these issues!

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Seems one of the Mods, not sure which, prevented the final load to Garage.  I removed some of the mods I thought I really don't need, and it worked... BUT still having an issue with the Minimap name flip??? #shrug  Which only seems to work when NO mods are loaded...

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Problem with loading, I cannot help much without logs, see the info that is in my signature and include all needed logs.


I don't know what do you mean by the minimap name flip. You want it, or don't want it? WG changed how the minimap labels direction behave in 1.20, but there are mods that can prevent this, XVM or separate mod.

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The problem is, when I have the Mods installed, and NOT using the mod to change the name direction, the names do NOT flip to the left near the map edge.  Without any mods, the map behave the way WB redesigned it.  I tried the mod to leave things alone but use the alt key to change to the left, it does nothing

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