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Show persistent fully aimed reticle

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I had this enabled so I'm sure it's somewhere in Aslain. However, I've recently noticed that it's gone when I upgrade the mod to 1.20. To be clear, I want two reticles, one is shrinking and blooming as usual and the other is a static size reticle that shows the fully aimed circle along with the recently added better reticle size. Any help for finding this would be greatly appreciated! ( I tried going through every single option in the mod before typing out all these but apparently I'm just bad at reading ).

I have the better reticle size enabled under Dispersion so that's easy enough to find 😉

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Not sure if this is what you are talking about, there was change in tree/mod names.


v1.20.0.0 #06 (04-03-2023):
- updated Better Reticle Size (aka Fix Reticle Size)
- updated Dispersion Reticle (by Pruszko)
- updated engine sounds War Mod
- updated In battle statistics
- updated german translation in the installer [new entries by CHAMPi]
- re-added Advanced Tech-tree
- added new mod: Reticle Dispersion Pro (by CHAMPi)
- attention: The PMOD section has been renamed to CAMERA MODS, therefore you need to select your modifications again that were included in this section (such as zoom, server reticles, etc.)
- attention: The Better Reticle Size (aka Fix Reticle Size), Extended Zoom Switcher, and Reticle Size Limit Remover mods have been moved to the CAMERA MOD section. If you are using them, you need to select these mods again.


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