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How to shut off Hangman automatically updating Hangman.xml

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I have been having trouble getting my personal hangar_defs working with this latest version of Hangman.


I was wondering if you knew how to turn off the auto updating of hangman.xml with "hangars" it finds. This is my main question.


(I admit I am confused about using the exclusion list for hangars that are in both the hangar_defs and in spaces folder, all hangars in the hangar_defs are in the spaces folder.)



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I asked Goofy67 about this and he said:


1) No, you cannot switch off automatic reading of installed hangars. Why would you?
2) The manager still supports hangar_defs. The folder isn't included in the archive, but generated on first 'hangar-save' or installed by hangar-mods.
I then asked him about the exclusion list. I will post what he tells me.
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Here is Goofy67's reply:


Okay, let's have a closer look on how it works:
Let's presume there is only one hangar in the whole game, the well known basic- ( or standard-) hangar. This one is located in spaces/hangar_v2. The original hangar in packed in /res/packages/hangar_v2.pkg. You may open PKGs with WinRar or 7-Zip. The client finds this hangar because the PKG is defined in paths.xml.
HangMan scans all spaces-folders, not only in /res_mods/0.9.7, but also in every PKG. If it finds a hangar, it is added to the hangarlist.
So we have now one hangar in this list: spaces/hangar_v2
Now we add a hangar_defs-file, we call it basic-hangar.xml. The tag <spacepath> in this XML is essential, otherwise the manager doesn't know, with 'map' has to be loaded. We need to set:
<spacepath> spaces/hangar_v2 </spacepath>
On client-restart HangMan now finds 2 hangars:
Both are basically the same, but you can make changes in XML-file like other music and ambiente-sound, and of course change the tank-position. (I've done that with those tank-toy-hangars...)
Now you may add spaces/hangar_v2 to the exclusionlist, so on next client-start HangMan ignores this one and deletes it from the hangarlist. spaces/hangar_v2 is still physically there, but you can not select it by buttons or keys.
(Attention: If spaces/hangar_v2 is set in <hangarpath> in HangMan.xml, this hangar will be displayed on startup, despite it is in exclusionlist or not, but on hangar-change by button or key you cannot go back.)
To answer your question in short: Yes, you may set 'spaces/xyz'-hangars to exclusionlist, hangar_defs which use 'spaces/xyz' will still work.
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Has anyone had an issue with a selected hangar reverted to the standard one after every battle?

I'd had mine on the premium hangar for a while. I won a day of premium, and when its time ran out, the hangar reverted to the standard dirty one. I switched it back to the premium, but now every time I come back from a battle it's switch back to the standard.

Is there maybe a file I can edit to stop this?

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