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Bankloader error

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I'm having this same issue (no gun or engine sounds), but it seems connected to a specific Python Script, mod_banksloader.pyc. I've tried reinstalling the modpack, but the issue persists. Every time I start the game, I get the same error.

WorldOfTanks 2023-05-31 20-06-17-203.jpg


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Too bad just python, not all logs.

For now I suggest to check your user priviledges, has to be admin for installing the mods and playing the game. Check antivir too.


From what I see in your logs, Banksloader dependency mod is unable to save, therefore everything sound reloaded it mods, breaks. It's your "PC issue", not bug in mod.



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8 minutes ago, still_guns said:

Sorry, I tried Archiver again and it worked this time. It may well be an Administrator issue, it just never gave me this kind of problem before.

Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip 40.08 kB · 0 downloads

We have checked this mod works fine, so the issue is specifically limited to your windows only, check what I suggested, it's one of that two things I mentioned.

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