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Shooting from zoom causes camera to maximum zoom

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I realize I'm not following all of the instructions for reporting a bug. I step by step manually figured out why this is happening and thought I'd pass my findings along. Whenever I would shoot with the zoom active (after pressing space bar), the camera would not stay at the same level of zoom but would automatically zoom out to the max every time I would shoot. This was almost impossible to play, especially in a DD knife fight. 


I tried many things to resolve this, including:

  • Choosing different zoom mods
  • Removing zoom mods
  • Trying different FOV options in settings, etc.


I finally resolved it by removing the BadOBest Side panel (the one that shows the hydro and radar for each ship). The problem went away completely  after removing this mod. I replaced it with Hakabase. I don't get the hydro and radar details, but at least I can play the game.

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It was working fine with Hakabase, then I switched to the other BadoBest panel last night as you suggested. It had the same behavior as the other one, where shooting would drastically change my zoom. 


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