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Tank becomes undrivable, keys not responding.

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The is some mod that makes keys not responding, vehicle does not drive. Tried Safe Mode and it works fine.


These are the mods I use:


World of Tanks folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods and mods folders?  ->> Yes
Current date: 21-07-2023 and time: 11:41:04
Build date: 21-07-2023
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Installed on: EU Client

Destination location:

Setup type:
      Option 3: Own choices

Selected components:
      ----------[ XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod ]-------------------------------------------
         ----------[ VEHICLE MARKERS (OTM) ] ------------------------------
            OTM by Aslain
               HP Bar size
                  HP bar: Thick
               The Shadow intensity behind OTM
                  Strong shadow
         ----------[ PANELS & WINDOWS (IN-BATTLE) ]----------------------------------
            Panels by Aslain
               Battle Loading
                  Battle Loading: from XVM Team
               Statistics Tab (under TAB key)
                  Statistics Tab: from XVM Team
               Players Panel
                  Medium panels (default)
                     Medium & short: from default XVM
                  Large Players Panel
                     Large XVM (Default)
                  Start Mode
                     Start mode: Large (WoT default)
                  Show enemy spotted markers
                     marker: Bulb #1 (from XVM)
                     Hide the icons for:
                        Undetected vehicles
                  Show more visible frags on Players Panel
                  Show clan icons on Players Panel
                  Show Wargaming Bots marker on Players Panel
                  Show flags selected by users
                  Show XMQP markers [PP]
         ----------[ XVM MINIMAP ]------------------------------------
            Minimap Zoom
         ----------------------[ DAMAGE DONE LOGS ]-----------------------------
            default XVM hitlog
         ----------[ RECEIVED DAMAGE LOGS ]-----------------------------
            Damage Log by XVM team
         ----------[ PLAYER STATISTICS XVM ]--------------------------
            Rating Scale
               10 Colors by WotLabs.net
         ----------[ GARAGE XVM ]-------------------------------------
            Show price/XP button in the tech tree & research page
            Show the mastery mark on the tech tree
            Show account statistics next to selected tank
            Crew Auto-return (XVM) [BROKEN IN XVM FOR WG!]
            XVM Padlocks
               Show Gold spending padlock
               Show Free XP spending padlock
               Show Bonds spending padlock
               Change the status of the padlocks to red/green
            Show the garage clock
            ----------[ TANK CAROUSEL XVM ]-------------------------------
               Normal Carousel Cells
                  Use game settings
                  Scale of Carousel Cells
                     1.0 (default)
                  Show advanced info on the carousel
                     Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (%), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage & WN8 expected tank damage
         ----------[ OTHER XVM SETTINGS ]-----------------------------------------
            Show server ping at login screen and garage
            Show online users at login screen
            Show in-battle clock
            Show Team WN8 w/Win Chance
               Team WN8: Position No. 1
            XVM Sight
               Sight: AutoAim Indicator
                  Sight: AutoAim Indicator v2 (cylinder)
            Tanks Top Speed over damage panel
            Show more crewman perks before grouping
            Gun Reload Sound
      ----------[ NON-XVM MODS BRANCH ]-------------------------------------------
         Vehicle Contour Icons
            Aslains icons
               3D icons w/roman tiers
         ----------[ CAMERA MODS ]------------------------------------
               Zoom-out in arcade mode
                  400m away max
               Zoom-out in Tactical view
                  400m away max
               Zoom-out in SPG strategic mode
                  400m away max
            Show extra zoom indicator on crosshair
            Enable free camera in replays [activate F3]
               Dispersion Reticle
                  Dispersion Reticle: with Better Reticle Size
               Better Reticle Size
         Spotted Extended
         Colored Damage Stickers
            stickers v1
         Crew Skill Informer (activation: BACKSPACE)
         Battle Equipment
         ----------[ AIM HELPING MODS ]----------------------------------------
            Arty Impact Radius
         Marks of Excellence Calculator (MoE)
            Gun Marks Calculator protanki
            Marks in Garage
         Requesting Fire Marker
            Requesting Fire Marker: Arrow
         Extras on Player Panels
            Friends Marker
         Hidden Parameters
         Object 279 Personal Mission auto-reset
         ----------[ SIXTH SENSE (NON-XVM) ]-------------------------------------
            Sixth Sense Timer
            animated icon
               animated icon: bulb
                  animated icon: left position
            the Sixth Sense Sound (remember to select the user sound in-game options!)
               Sound: Metal Gear
         Sound Detection Activation Sounds (SDAS)
            SDAS: Star Wars Imperial Siren
         ----------[ GRAPHICS PERFORMANCE ]------------------------------
            Fog Remover
               Remove: Fog & sun-glare
         ----------[ GARAGE ]---------------------------------------------
            Events reminder (for EU server)
            Unanonymizer on battle results
            Battle Hits Viewer
            Replays Manager
            Garbage Seller
            ----------[ SESSION STATISTICS ]-----------------------------
               PMOD Session Stats by WorstUnicumEU [EN]
         ----------[ SOUNDS ]----------------------------------------------------------
            Voice announcers
               UT Announcer (EN male)
         ----------[ VARIOUS MODS ]--------------------------------------------
            Dynamic squads fix
      ----------[ ASLAIN'S MODPACK MARKINGS ]-------------------------------
         Modpack version checker

Additional tasks:
      Installation options
         Delete all previous mods from the game (strongly advised)
- wipes out everything in res_mods and mods folders.
         Delete Python and XVM logs (advised)
         Delete the game cache (use only when you have problems with the game, not always!)


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Have you installed 3rd party mods additionaly to my modpack? I see entries about mods that I don't recognize. For example Direction Indicator cheat? This cheat is bugging your game.


2023-07-21 11:49:25.301: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/common/Event.py, 46):
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "scripts/common/Event.py", line 44, in call
  File "mod_testDir", line 1, in ponVehicleKilled
NameError: global name 'attacker_id' is not defined
2023-07-21 11:49:25.301: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
2023-07-21 11:49:25.301: ERROR:   File "scripts/client/Avatar.py", line 2632, in updateArena
2023-07-21 11:49:25.301: ERROR:   File "scripts/client_common/ClientArena.py", line 352, in update
2023-07-21 11:49:25.302: ERROR:   File "utils", line 1, in <lambda>
2023-07-21 11:49:25.302: ERROR:   File "_legacy", line 1, in hooked_onVehicleKilled
2023-07-21 11:49:25.303: ERROR:   File "scripts/client_common/ClientArena.py", line 583, in onVehicleKilled
2023-07-21 11:49:25.303: ERROR:   File "scripts/common/Event.py", line 44, in call
2023-07-21 11:49:25.304: ERROR:   File "mod_testDir", line 1, in p__onVehicleKilled


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