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Creating Mods - Where to start?

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Hey there, I'm an animator with some skill in scripting and wanted to create my own mod. I don't really know where to start though so I'm looking for any links, tips, or buzzwords I can google. Specifically I'd like to create a panel that displays my hit points, module damage, reload time, and maybe another panel that displays my target's information (whoever I am moused over). I've looked at a LOT of other mods and none of them have the kind of look I want, Deegie's Sights nails it functionally but the aesthetic is bad, and I get a certain satisfaction in using a custom thing I made. So how would one go about learning to create something like this? I dug around Deegie's Sights mod and saw that he hooked a .swf with animations and shapes to a python file. I know how to make the animations in Flash and I can script in AS2 or 3, but once the process moves to Python I get lost. Any veteran modders out there that can point me in the right direction?

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I had been looking around for info myself.  Unfortunately this seems to be one of those games where the company does not give any help to the community, so you're stuck with half baked threads and a mish mash of info that may be accurate or not.


One thread that I bookmarked, which is old now, but gave me a rough idea, is here:  http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/263517-how-do-you-make-wot-mods/


There's a veteran modder posting in there and you may be able to find more advice from him with more searching.


There are quite a number of threads asking this question on the game forums but so far I've found all of them sorely lacking for someone like me.  I have learned languages in the past but have never really 'developed' anything and know little to nothing about the 1,2,3 of the process.  Btw, if you do find some good tips, links, guides, etc. I'd appreciate it if you could post back to this thread and maybe with enough good info it could become a sticky.

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