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Good News! (WoWS mod) (World of Warships Interface Modification)

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Good News! mod by Capt_Oveur


"No News is Good News!"




The mod gives you the choice to hide or display the red 'NEW ITEM' notification markers in the UI.

Just RIGHT-CLICK on the 'NEWS' banner to toggle SHOW/HIDE. The mod also adds the mouse instruction to the tooltip.


IMPORTANT: The 'NEW ITEM' markers are used not only for news, but for other new elements too. The mod does not hide the markers showing the number of undistributed commander skill points, those remain visible, but it will hide the same widgets for everything else, like unread news, new modules, collection items, emblems and badge elements, etc.




The best way to get the 'GoodNews!' mod is from Aslain's modpack


Manual installation:  download the mod from here: Good News!

Make sure that the version of the mod and the version of your WoWS game client are the same.

Make sure the game client is not running.

Unzip the mod and:

  1. Copy the files good_news.xml and good_news.swf to the folder ..\World_of_Warships\bin\nnnnnnn\res_mods\gui\unbound\mods
  2. Check if there is a uss_settings.xml file in ..\World_of_Warships\bin\nnnnnnn\res_mods\gui
    1. If no, copy uss_settings.xml from the mod to ..\World_of_Warships\bin\nnnnnnn\res_mods\gui
    2. If you already have the uss_settings.xml file, then you have to edit it. Add the following two lines to it under the <mods> tag


(You have to create these sub-folders if they do not exist. The compressed file contains the directory tree for your convenience.

nnnnnnn is the build number. There are two such folders and usually the latest build, the one with the larger number, is used, except when you chose to pre-install an upcoming release.)



Undo the changes you made.

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