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Stats on tank carousel is not displayed correctly

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8 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Attach logs, provide bigger screenshots (not cropped that badly) showing what is wrong because on that screenshots it doesn't look like wrong to me. What it is anyway, scale 0.8? 

Yes it is 0.8

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28 minutes ago, Aslain said:

I can clearly see Win Rate and mastery mark here. Can be always fine tuned a bit because bonuses (x02) sometimes slightly overlap Mastery Mark, but it's still visible, and clear.

How you can clearly see it?? image.png.9abef4a5484149078e6fd5e9f89beba6.png

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Wow.... So you are talking about a tooltips on the carousel/mouse hovering, not about stats on carousel cell from XVM. You wasn't clear, so don't expect I will notice something that is barely visible without magnification. You still have the same info on carousel cell from the mod, so it's not huge problem, if I were you I would disable this info on carousel totally, as it's obsolete. I don't know if this can be moved/corrected.

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