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Any advice or suggestions?

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I'm currently working on a new platoon interface for the game in my garage, and to achieve this, I'm making modifications to a CSS file. The problem is that this CSS file is located within the gui-part1.pkg, and if I place it in the resmod folder, the game doesn't read it. To test my changes, I've been manually moving the file into the pkg each time, which works, but it's not the most efficient approach. Additionally, after every patch, the 29kb file triggers an integrity check, resulting in a 2GB download by the launcher to "fix" the game. I'm wondering if there's a specific path or method I should use to make this file work as a .WOTMOD, for instance, to avoid these issues. Any advice or suggestions on how to handle this situation more effectively would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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What .css precisely? If you want to use it in mods/ folder it has to be packed to .wotmod, if you want to use it from res_mods then you can keep it as it is. You shouldn't mod or alter anything in res/ folder.

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