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Never advance past Start Battle Screen

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When loading a game for any mode (Random/Co-op/Training) it does the 30 second countdown but the screen never poplulates with the images.  In otherwords, stuck on Start Battle Screen.  

I've attempted to Check/Repair the game.  It runs fine in Safe Mode but will not run correctly when Mods are running.  Attached are my screenshots and the Log Archiever File. 


I can hear the game behind the screen when I turn up speed and turn.  Please assist Aslain.  Thanks. 



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Same for me (the above).  I got out of the game (task management forced shut down wows game).  Got back into wows and I could only see the ship and the ship ran in circles.  No targeting data, list of players/ships.  No clock or mini map.  Just the boat and water.  This is the v12.7.0 that was loaded this AM.  When I uninstalled the Aslain's mod, the game plays.  I don't like it since I like the mods.  So heads up.

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I had to log out of the game client and restart.  When you finally get into the game, it is NOT much better, you can't fire guns or use torps.  Ship can move but you can't see any controls, nor do you see the mini-map, over the top controls, team line-up or nothing.

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