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J1mbo v3 crosshair ammo display issue

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Hello! I've been using the J1mbo v3 crosshair mod for a long time now as it is my favourite, however recently I encountered an issue.


This is what it is supposed to look like and what it always looked like. ^


This is what it looks like now. ^ Note that the ammo display changed and I really don't like it. I haven't been playing autoloaders for a few weeks, so I am not sure when this started, but I think that version was still fine, however version already has this issue. Also, I found another person that was having the same issue back in 2022 which is really strange: 

 because I definitely only got it recently. However, they got no helpful response back then. Would appreciate any help/advice!


P.S. Recently I've been crashing after battles every now and then. Not sure if this has something to do with the modpack or not. I do not use XVM at all.


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Crashes, maybe XVM? Few people reported it recently in another topic.


As for the crosshair, try to switch crosshair options in the game, maybe position of your ammo panel changed, or the author of this crosshair changed its appearance on purpose, that's all I know.

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