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Issue with Starting Wot and Server Crosshair bug

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1. When i start WoT, it always crashes first and then automaticly starts the game again. Only then i can log into the game.


2. Also: when i play onslaugh the "Camera-mod-> Visor (with all options)" the server reticle is stuck to the same place the whole game until restart. I can only play like 1 to 3 games until it get stuck again. When i turn "server reticle" in option on, both crosshair (client and server) disappear. If i turn "server reticle" off, i can only see the client crosshair.


I think some mods don't seem to work properly in onslaugh.


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I didn't find any serious errors in your logs. It's normal that some mods don't work in new or temporary game modes. If you experience this issue, it's better to play without mods in such battles or identify the offending mod through a process of elimination.

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