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Problem with the mini-map of the game

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I have this problem since I leave the 9.7 version of the game , and I'm not very fond of having seen to be removing some features to the game control panel, the problem is this .

1 point : I have mini-map in the game and when you press the left CTRL it appears in the middle of the screen, and I have it disabled when installed mods .

2nd place : have the same off in the VM files both minimap.xc file, as in minimapAlt.xc file.

3rd point : if I put the files that are in the format winrar minimap does not show in the middle of the screen when I click on the left CTRL , is that it is mangled or VM files are not the same .

I can see it sff , it is that I use the decontrol panel Zayaz and when I click with the left CTRL keyboard is for me to do the repair of modolos that I'm used to .

I'm waiting for an answer.

I will leave here some prints as proof of what I am talking about .


1º- print: Installing mods -disabled minimap option



2º- print: File Minimap.xc with zomm the minimap disabled



3º- print: File MinimapAlt.xc with zomm the minimap disabled



4º- print: Image taken from the game with the mini-map in the middle of the screen and all these options disabled




I apologize if something is misspelled thing, but I can not write English and I'm using the google translator for the same purpose .

no more I say goodbye with the best wishes

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