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Mod not showing up / Only shows partially ingame

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Hi Aslain 🙂

I have a weird behavior of two Mods. I know that both Mods are working from other Players, so i think the issue is on my side, but i am not able to fix it. 

1.) Team HP Plus Mod


Ingame the Mod shows only the HP Bar for my Team, but not the enemy Team. Changing Settings options only affect the HP Bar for my team, but do not show up the enemy HP Bar

I unchecked the Mod and installed it new. I also deleted the Mod folders manually. Issue remains the same. 

The issue occured as WG changed the settings options and it is no longer possible to set the UI Scale below 1 via preference.xml. I played with a 0.8 ui scale before that patch. Is it maybe possible that the Mod has the bar located OUTSIDE of the visible screen? Is there any config file beside the normal mod folder where mod settings or location placements are saved, which i could maybe delete or modify? 


2.) Info Panel (self)

The Mod is installed, but do not show up ingame. Reinstall the Mod and also deleting the mod folders manually do not change the issue. As mentioned above...this also occured as WG changed the settings menus and persist since that patch. But i know that this mod should be working. 

I am asking if there is anything i could try to fix this or if a complete and clean reinstall of the game is the only option. 

Any help or hints are highly appriciated!

Kind regards

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