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Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.22.1.0 #00 don't work, bug.

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Aiming circles for targeting enemies.  Can't remember which ones specifically.

Just now, hia1thealt said:

Aiming circles for targeting enemies.  Can't remember which ones specifically.

In the non-XVM section.  I made sure they were disabled in both and it worked like a charm.

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27 minutes ago, hia1thealt said:

Garage and other mods work fine, but when I go into the game, there is nothing but the tank.  No reticles, no minimap, no consumables, no ammo....  Literally just the tank.  Tried all troubleshooting steps first before logging the issue.


Yes exactly the same for me user interface not there and doesn't return using the V button!!!

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The garage doesn't show anything right now, only the battle button, I'm posting the archived logs.


Also in game I get this error.



Error:   ScriptLoader PRO v1.41: Error by executing script(s): mod_annoyingfeaturesremover.pyc Check python logfile for detailed informations [ F:\World_of_Tanks_EU/Python.log ]



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In battle game screen without minimap, without team list, without damage panel, tank without sights, you only see the environment without any game indications. Before installing MP Aslain I updated XVM to version xvm_10.8.0_0075_master_b377b92873b093dd1a12995af72a067c042b6b45. I attach a screenshot. I wasted 4 battles where I couldn't interact due to the problems mentioned above. They will surely have reported me for inactive/bot.




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