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OTM by Aslain never works properly

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Hello.  This is an ongoing problem that has existed for at least a year, so it's not connected to the recent new game version.  I stopped playing last year when I couldn't get it to work.  I really, really need to see ally & enemy "Numeral Stats" as I always specify when running the modpack EXE.   The modpack is definitely working, since I see all sorts of changes in the garage and battle screens.  But when actually playing, the info over each tank, ally or enemy, is never like I specified in Mod Selection Page:


OTM by Aslain  (see attached JPG for more details)

1st line: Vehicle Name

2nd line: Numeral Stats    


What happens in game:

There is a text in red that's on screen for too short to read, but it's something like modxvm file not found.  Logfile should report.

I do not see requested player info, but I DO see their rating as a tiny colored square.



- Run WG checker.  Game is fine.  Except checker erased ALL my custom settings; very inconvenient. 

- Installed Aslain as admin & run game as admin (many, many times)

- Many, many downloads of Aslain for over 1 year



- i'm old and not a good player.  When the new version dropped, for a brief time the Numeral Stats actually worked and it is was a great benefit:  After I died in-game, as always, I could click thru our remaining players and identify good players and see what they did and learn something.  






Aslain 'numeral stats' Screenshot 2023-10-20 164436.jpg


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You didn't attach full screen screenshots, how it looks like in the game for you.

From what I see in your logs, you have user priviledges issue, or anti-virus is blocking the mod files. It's your windows user issue. Have you been installing the modpack on admin account, and played on admin account as well?

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