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Free Camera Disappearing Vehicles

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Hi all.  I have recently started making some videos using Filmora, after downloading using Geforce Screen record.  As an aside, just discovered that in a two monitor set up, if you put a low res game replay up to enable better visibility of tank names Geforce will record 15 mins of your desktop on the 4K monitor ..... Doh!! 


The issue I (and maybe others have) is obviously the tank I was driving is the focus until I enable freecam with left mouse and F3 and then I can move around the map freely.  However, other tanks disappear randomly, and reappear again.  I assumed this was because even though the camera was unbound the render range of the originally recorded vehicle somehow influences what tanks you can or can't see.  But I died partly because of as particularly useless camping Pudel knobber in this game, and the randomness of the Arty AMX F3 continued.


The Arty player carried this game and got 8 kills, including 3 shotguns on base and was an awesome display which I would like to record for him.  It was his first game in this tank as well.....   


Anyone aware of any issues/fixes on freecam so I can bind to a tank and make sure it stays visible in the whole game, or is it just not doable with the replay physics constraints?


Thx tankers.



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