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Game crash at normal end of game exit

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I normally do a file check after I install the latest mod pack,  just did another one and it found no errors.


 Also sometimes when loading the game for the first time for the day it crashes half way and re-loads all over again.


I'm about to start it for the day, see if the crash happens again.


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On 10/25/2023 at 3:26 AM, Aslain said:

You have some exception errors, but I cannot connect them with any mod. Maybe try to repair game client files?

Just installed update 9 and did a file check, it got to 99% complete and said" repairing files"  then finished, now off to play a few games....

  Just crashed while loading "Game Client" but loaded on second try.

Game wasn't saving after game stats from YasenKrasen.

Just had 3 games and exits with no troubles



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