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AutSpy (MODer) will no longer support WG clients (EU / NA / Asia)

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From Reddit 

[PSA] Very bad news - AutSpy (MODer) will no longer support WG clients (EU / NA / Asia)...

I use from him:

===================== TEAM PANELS ========================

Team Panels by AutoSpy

======================= MARKERS ==========================

Adjustable Markers by AutoSpy

Adjustable Markers v1

======================== MINIMAP =========================

Minimap by AutoSpy

===================== IN-BATTLE CHAT =====================


Improved Chat

Improved Chat #1 (AutoSpy)

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We'll see how the situation unfolds... just because he has stopped supporting the WG client doesn't mean all the modifications he creates will immediately cease to function. At the moment, most of them are still operational, albeit some only partially. However, over time, most of them will probably stop working. Perhaps someone from our region will take over his work, or be able to adapt modifications from Lesta to versions for WG. Only time will tell... I don't know the reason AutoSpy had to stop supporting... perhaps it's a lack of time and the necessity of installing two game clients - it's not something simple and certainly time-consuming. So, in a way, I understand his decision, assuming it's motivated by reasons like these.

With each subsequent game update, both game clients start to differ more and more..., especially the old unbound1 code, but not only that, also unbound2. Both companies add different events, mechanics, various ships. At some point, it will be hellishly difficult to provide support for both game clients by a single game creator, especially one with as many modifications to create as AutoSpy.

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Minimap, by far the most critical, crucial for playing for most dd players and extremely useful for everyone else, is already dead.

The other will follow soon, I guess, but the minimap is a huge quadruple citadel blow to my will of playing.


And of course, I am still grateful to autospy for the years he made this game absolutely better and he has a right to quit, for any reason, at any time. He was doing it for free and had no obligation whatsoever, after all. Still, ouch.

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