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WOWS 0.2.1

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Hey Aslain, thx for the update.


However, there is a problem that now the TAB does not work for bringing up the player panel.  As your icons are really small and hard for me to read, I use the TAB to see what they have left.

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I'm actually doing a full new install on WOWS.  I play on triple monitors and was getting some odd graphics issues.  I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with my game install.


However, talking to my friend, he is having the Tab problem and no results / lockup at the end of the match as well.  I'll have him try 2.2 and I'll do it when my install is done.



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There is an issue going on after I have installed the new wow mod pack, after each ending of a battle World of Warships the game locks up and wont go back to the docks I have to use task manager to close out the game then re-start the game anyone know of this going on as well as myself????

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Yes I have this problem as well.  It didn't happen last night, but started today after I put the 0.2.1 mod pack in.  Not sure if it is the same in the 2.2 yet.


You don't need to restart the game, just click the screen.  That works for me at least, but I don't see the after battle report.  Not seeing this listed on  the WOWS beta forums, so not sure if it is a patch or mod issue.

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ith 2.2 I am having the same issues with the game locking up at the end of each battle so I have to use task manager to to get out the game. atfer about 4 times I di a uninstall of the game and then reinstall without the mod pack I have no idea what is causing this to heppen with 2.2 mod pack.

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Same, just did a clean install of the game and 2.2, still getting broken tab screen and no battle results screen leaving the game stuck at the end of a battle.


/edit, just noticed that Aslains ship icons are reversed/mirrored for the opposing team as well.

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