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Still mirrored Ship Icons

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"Going to look for it today, we need someone who can edit original swf files and fix mirroring on that right panel + enlarge the icons back to normal size."
My Colleague "TheHavoc" will have an eye on this fix


Hope he can do it today :rolleyes:


Without a Mod the Icons are ok, but with mod they are mirrored...

So...there must be a small script into "gui" as a xml or pyc file. Dont think it comes (only) out of a swf file...we will see - we work on it too - maybe other Friends here will found a fix faster as we :)

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SchrottiGER has send me the 1.0 version for testing and searching the problem.


install youre Mod and Copy the file from the archiv in res_mods\0.3.0\gui\flash and call me if its work.


Thank you very much, will check it soon.

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Yup, mirroring is fixed on PlayersPanel enemy side.


Can you also change scale of ship contours? They are too small in 3.1, I would like to get it back to size


I think that should be no problem but the question is, how big exactly ?
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To display contour icons in real scale, 1.0 I guess. I've heard they scaled them down on PP to 0.8 or 0.7.


There might be needed bigger distance between player name rows to fit 1.0 scale icons, so they dont overlap on the other rows.

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The problem is I can table scale but the icons is not.
But'll get back soon
Google Translator for the Win  :lol:



Yeah this is what some people told me before, they change scale but it's not affecting icons there.

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Nice. Almost like before, just make the space between names a little smaller while still keep ship icons in right place without overlapping


Or maybe it's my eyes, would have to play a battle to make sure :)


mean you the height or width ?

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With Y the special ability "Flak Bad Ass Mode" is activated.  :D

It does more damage and shoot faster with the Flak.

Torpedo bomber torpedoes can also no longer throw off in a straight line, but only as a fan.


The Trainingsroom is a Mod from atmaxx not my  :)

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