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bug after install modspacka on warships

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bug occur after install this modpack for warships :


1. when im in battle

2. ctrl + alt + del (i just want to restart the game for any reason (slow game, lag ect ect )

3. so the game is closed

4. i restart the game

5. i can't reenter the battle i stay on the logon menu, logo on center turn, turn, but nothing happens.

I can hear the music of the port, but (lol) i can hear too the battle sound in game but i stay locked at the logon menu.

So after ctrl + alt + del, i can't be back in the battle i just leaving. What i must do ? wait for the battle end and then i can reenter the game and back on port like usual. But my game is loose on the battle i leave of course.


So this is my install :


World of Warships folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods folder?  ->> Yes, FULL
Current date: 25-05-2015 and time: 14:39:55
Build date: 25-05-2015
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Version: 0.3.3
Dossier de destination :
Type d'installation :
      Custom installation
Composants sélectionnés :
      Ship Contour Icons
         Aslain's icons
         by m0nstertr4x
            advanced scope
      Over Target Markers (OTM)
         version #2 by Tracks_Destroyer
      Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file
         Cry Havoc Sense
      Various mods
         Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
         Minimap with ship name and last known position
Tâches supplémentaires :
      Installation type
         Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!)
im sure is not this :
Minimap with ship name and last known position
because this happend too with older version without this new mod.
All i can said sorry
But this happend only with your pack 
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