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Gigantic XVM overlay

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I'm new to this mod pack. So far so good except for XVM during battle. Loading, garage, and pre-battle are all just fine. However, when I get into the actual battle, my XVM is huge: The battle map itself is just find, but it's like the XVM stuff is 4X size and I can only see the upper left, meaning I see the green team list, just the top bit of my damage box (supposed to be in lower right corner) and only a few green icons across the top (should be both teams.) I don't see the chat dialog box at all. The over-tank icons are also huge, although again the battle screen (including tank size) is just fine.



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I did find the "locastans mod for 4k monitor" in the 9.7 mods list...it was at the very bottom. However, with 9.8, it looks like that mod is no longer there. I played 9.8 last night with the latest download and the problem is no longer there. Thank you aslain for a great mod pack.

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