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Request regarding the Installer.

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Hi Aslain (and everybody else :) ) and a big THANKS for all your hard work mate, you're making a big positive impact in our Tanking :p and honestly your work is a "cant-do-without" for many of us.

I have a small (well you know better if it's small or big :p) request regarding the Installer (wrote it in the shoutbox,but there it might get lost).

Could you at some time implement a handy load/save feature in the installer?

For example,instead of having to use a shortcut with a command, to now have that feature built-in.

And more importantly,have the installer be able to work in load and save simultaneously,meaning have it load a set of options from the options file,and if we change something,to have a selectable choice in the end of the install to save the new set. ;) That would be AWESOME. Thanks. ;)

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