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I can not login to game after installing Aslains Mod

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My EU client also can't get to log-on screen after installing Aslain's 4.4.0_98 pack.


Now my RU, NA and Asia clients are also stuck at loading screen, even though nothing has been installed since they updated to 9.8. What is really strange is that i was playing on RU last night on its updated vanilla 9.8.


How can an Aslain install on one client affect the others if they are all seperate?

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download -> install -> log in game. no problem. 
but soon as i start fight the game freezes on loading screen. i can hear sound from game but can´t do nothing. after 1-1.5 min game closes by itself.
deleted same World of Tanks\res_mods\0.9.8\scripts\client\mods\__init__.pyc
and now works fine, 
at least 6  fights now whit no problems.

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