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Radial Menu text assigned to key combo 'unreliable'

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I can see other comment on RM but this is a slightly different problem.

Using 'Vanilla WOT commands with reload on C', and a hand edited XML file.


I have assigned text to key combos (eg. <Hotkey>KEY_RALT+KEY_Y</Hotkey>).


It works, most of the time.

Sometimes, I hit the key combo and nothing happens.

If I then move my vehicle slightly, the key combo works, most times (ie. sometimes I need to move a couple of times. Not good if I'm sniping with a cammo net).


At 1st I though my keyboard was playing up, tried another. Problem still happened.


Problem was happening under 9.7/4.3xxx. I tried changing keyboard then (just befoer 9.8 was released), and also used the new keyboard with current version 9.8/4.4.1_98.

Problem is also 'intermittent'. I can have several matches where the keys work fine, then... problem.

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