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sights.pyc and J1mB0's crosshairs.

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Not sure which crosshairs still require the sights.pyc script, but I have to remove that every time I update because it messes up the reload timer with J1mB0's crosshairs.  Is this something the installer does on a per-crosshair basis?  I'm sure it's not needed with this crosshair.  Maybe there is something unique to my configuration/combinations of mods causing sights.pyc to be installed.  I've been removing this since 4.3.something_97 when it was added and I usually update to every version released since.  A few times when I forget to remove it the problem happens the first battle in, including with 4.4.2_98, so I know it's still a problem with the latest version.

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So obvious I missed it.  I had selected Sword of Damocles arty sight as a sub-option of J1mB0's.  I don't play arty enough to care so going back to the one included with J1mB0's wasn't a problem.  I also had never noticed any of the reload timer issues using that arty sight after removing sights.pyc.


I verified that without selecting that arty sight, the sights.pyc doesn't get installed.  Problem solved.


Thanks Aslain for the reply and all the great work on your modpack.

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