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OTM Reload Timer

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First i got to say: You´re doing a very goog job and thx for that!


Im using your installer and im very happy that you doing

such an amazing work.


Since the Patch 9.8 i got one Problem:

The Reload Timer (your component No 439) seems not to work anymore.

Before the Patch everything works fine for me, so i hope i did nothing wrong.


Is there any other with this Problem, or you know this before??


greetings from germany...

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i got it.. The reason why the OTM-Reload_Mod and the green line of enemy doenst work :


something was wrong with the CameraNode.pyc .. Or seems too.. I downloaded the Mod only and there is a "new" cameranode.pyc in the folder..

overwrite the old one and it works.


After that i reinstalled all mods with the modpack from aslain.. Everything works fine now.

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