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Crosshairs bugged distance to target display

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Hello Aslain,


I wanted to check if this is a known problem or maybe this is something on my side.


The problem I am having is the distance to target (meters to target number on the crosshairs when you point at enemy or allied tank doesn't update in real-time. What I mean is that if I look at a stationary tank in arcade view - no distance indicator, switch to sniper view - it will show the distance and it will keep showing that distance until I switch view again from sniper to arcade or vice versa. Basically the distance tracker only updates the number when the sniper view key is pressed, but not any other time.


I've tried different crosshair mods and they all have the same problem, thus, I believe this is not just one mod issue but something more global.


Thanks for any info on this.

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I'm not talking about the reload.


Tried 4 crosshairs, finally found a working one on 5th try - Dellux crosshair. As of right now - Jimbos, Melty's, Deegies and Mjolnir are all bugged and don't show correct distance to target.


I understand you're not in charge of fixing the crosshairs, so I'll try to contact their owners. But letting you know about the issue and in case someone else has the same problem.

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Hard to tell more since you didn't provide logs, and yes I'm not in charge.


Keep in mind that from the crosshairs you have mentioned only J1mbo's is being updated frequently. Melty, Deegie, Mjolnir are abondoned crosshairs, that community is trying to reanimate. There is more crosshair mods like that...


Alternatively it could be something with PMOD scripts or Koshnaranek scripts, if you use them.

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