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Unable to use modpacks after 4.4.6

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Hi All,


I've been unable to use any of the modpacks from 4.4.7 - 4.4.10. For each, when I install and boot up none of my mods work. However, when i reinstall 4.4.6 or earlier all the mods function properly. I've tried a complete clean install (including wiping my settings and cache) to no avail. Any ideas?

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Here you go - from my fresh attempt at installing 4.4.11.


Mods that work that I know of: Garage mod, Yasenkrasen's, compact tech tree, XVM, jimbo's crosshair, servercross, team hp bars, OTM reload, spotting extended


Mods that do not work: Carousel mod (think this is part of xvm), free exp and gold lock, minimap, OTM info, seafalcon's damage panel


Strange behavior: autoaim mods (can't unlock autoaim unless i hold down right click), info panels (seem to be some sort of XVM default)



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Just trying to find out what changed in the installer from 4.4.6 to 4.4.7? I can't pinpoint the issue and having the installer work on every version up to 4.4.6 is very strange.


I've disabled my antivirus and run the installer as administrator, all with no success. Not sure what else could be causing it.


Edit: Just did a fresh re-install of WoT, and still having the same issues after going straight to the 4.4.13 version. Really curious as to what changed now.

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Ok, after a long time enabling mods one by one, I've found the one that is causing the issues. It is:

         Damage Panels

            SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog [installing this will uncheck my XVM hitlog section!]
Every mod but that one enabled and the others all work fine. I also tried out a few other damage panel mods, and xft doesn't work either. I finally settled on shty's which works, but did also try a few others that didn't require XVM hitlog disabled and they also worked.
In retrospect, it seems to be a common bug with the "uncheck my XVM hitlog section" damage panels, even though I didn't have anything in that section checked. I've attached the latest clean install logs, will follow-up with same mods except with seafalcons.



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