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Melty Sight - Distance to Target not updating real-time

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Hi there,


I've got a problem with Melty's. Used this sight for the longest time but for some reason the distance to target is not updating either in real time or when I put cross-hair over the enemy. It just gets stuck at the last distance either friendly or enemy to a tank you looked at unless you come out of sniper mode / go back into arcade and visa versa. So to get an idea of how far someone is away I have to leave sniper mode and go back in again rapidly whilst trying to keep them centred.


The sight itself works fine otherwise it's just that distance to target. It's very annoying :) Got me killed a lot.


I've got a free screenshots trying to shot how it doesn't update near friendlies - it's same for enemies but the metre indicator is obviously just coloured.


Done a full delete of mod folder etc, done all the clean install stuff nothing seems to work. Is it a known issue or just me as well I wonder? :)


Would appreciate any help.


Thank you so much.


PS was hard to attach good screenshots because I can no longer use my screenshot button in-battle in 9.8 for some reason no idea why.



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