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Issues with Jahral's Damage Panel (1920x1080)

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Now, before I go into detail, I have not tried using the Jahral's panel from the 4.4.13 patch. However, in the 4.4.1x-12 updates, the Jahral's panel would act odd at some points in time. Healthy icons for the crew/modules are grey, injured/damaged are orange. Sometimes the icons for the crew or modules would not turn from grey to orange when they are injured/damaged. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but a couple of my clan mates were reporting the same problem after I had them try out the damage panel. It was getting rather annoying when I realized my tank was moving slower than normal, or my aim circle was slow, but the Jahral's panel was not displaying the damaged crew/modules correctly.


I switched over the the Shtys (or however you spell it) damage panel, and that one works just fine.


Although.....I do like the little stacks of coins/gold in the Jahral's panel that tell me if I'm being hit by standard/prem ammunition versus the colored text that Shtys uses

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