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Stuck on Synchronizing Discounts

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Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the modpack about 2 times now, this only happens with the modpack installed and I can connect to the server without any mods installed. The client gets stuck on Synchronizing Discounts and wont connect to either servers. It stays like that indefinantly and has to be exited out by either closing the window or using task manager.

I cant seem to find what mod could be causeing this so I decided to bring this to your attention.


Ive attached an Image and the two log files. :)




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Before I cleared the cache I used the Recommended XVM settings, and I unchecked "The price button in the tech tree and research page" to see if it had to do with the discounts. I was able to log in, im going to clear the cache now and try about the same mods I had before.

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I cleared the cache and reinstalled the modpack with roughly the same mods I had before, must be one of the mods in the modpack, I think ill try deleting the ones that have to do with the garage and the tech trees, stores and missions.

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So I removed every mod that had to do with the garage, tech tree, credits and gold, store, research, etc and it still didnt work. Must be something somewhere.... I think ill just run with the XVM settings for now, thanks for the help, was much appreciated. :)

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