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Chrome Blocking

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Im sorry but its not only chrome... I use your mod's aslain lot of time... But something was wronk after last updates that never before happend to me.. .Its like something a code inside you mods try to connect to specific internet adress of  URL:http://pastebin.com.raw.php?i=..........{bla bla bla} diferent adresses of that same page...My Panda firewall blocking over and over again and im not really sure what happend cause i loved to use your mods and never again i have the same problem with your mods pack... pls Aslain check on that new updates if any of them have a code or something inside because really something was wrong!!!

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All is fine, these connection is for updater, to check new for versions of modpack...


This is not new issue, this is very old.... but if you don't trust then idk what advise to give you...


People were complaining before that updater connects to bossbox.ru, when I changed to normal updater, people are suspicius it connects to paste bin lol....

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ty for your explanation i really respect your work but didn't know that this is an old issue... Now i can understand crystal clear what happend with this adress so i feel real better with this known safe issue...  Maybe something change to panda firewall at backround or something but anyways... thanks for you fast answer friend keep up your good work !!!

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Pastebin.com is a service where you can store txt files, for example current version of the modpack, so the modpack/installer can check if it's up to date or not. :)


All for the sake of traffic control I guess? Makes sense if you think about it nah?

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