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i cannot see last position of the enemy on minimap+ restart of pc after the installation of the new update of the mod

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as from the start of 9.8 i cannot see the last position of any enemy on the minimap

i use the locastan minimap and following the proposal of 98whiteMC i deselect the map images but still this not fixed the problem.

also one more thing is that every time i update your mod with clean installation game don;t start and proceed to make a restart on my pc.


can you please help me?


thanks in advance.



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Here are a few suggestions. 


-Download and install Aslains fontpack.


-Open minimapLabels.xc and check these lines:


   under header "css":


                       "lost": ".mm_l{font-family:$FieldFont; font-size:6px; color:#FCA9A4;} .mm_dot{font-family:Arial; font-size:17px; color:#E59995;}",


   under header "format"


                        "lost":  "<textformat leading='-3'><span class='mm_dot'>{{vehicle-class}}</span>\n<span class='mm_l'>   <i>{{vehicle}}</i></span><textformat>",


   also scroll down to this line:


                        "lostEnemyEnabled": true,



They should look something like the above.

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