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T37 Incorrect engine values

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the T37s stock engine shows the wrong info the stock should read 450hp at 756kg atm it reads 500hp at 256kg ive check with many many people in my clan + tank inspector + the wiki an all thos sources say the current info in worng i uploaded 2 screenshots one shows the stock engine (left) upgraded (right) post-7923-0-37174300-1435007711_thumb.jp an another one showing the same info with your pack uninstalled an the engine info in the same order post-7923-0-07937000-1435007854_thumb.jp

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gonna reopen this thread im quite sure the problem isnt XVM its Gnomefathers i used Kriegstreibers sounds an the engine values were correct but when you put Gnomes back into the pack the vales got messed up to pictures i orginialy posted heres the picture with Kriegs sound mods installed the last picture is with gnomes installed an your log files using the curret 5.17 update all with a clean install like normal





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