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Luchs incorrect average damage color

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Thank you for the awesome mod pack!!


Unless i am looking at it wrong the average damage for the Luchs is incorrectly coloring.  The expected win8 value is 325 i believe, yet it is still showing red when my average is 460+.  Is this a bug in xvm or carousel or something else?  Not sure where it gets the coloring information from.



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I read through the post.  So if i understand correctly it is looking at a static number for coloring based on average damage.  So on a low tier tank like Luchs <500 = red.  So the dynamic color is misleading.


So to modify that you need to compare avgdmg vs win8expdmg for coloring.  But then you get a ratio from it and not the value anymore.  So you could do a static color for avgdmg like white and then maybe put a ratio next to it that is colored so you get an idea of how well you do compared to others.


So use value like v.c_wn8effd then next to avg damage would be a fix.


Sound about right?

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I did a little more reading and came up with this.  This will color the avgdmg based on these ratio, but show the avgdmg number and not the ratio.


in carousel.xc


{ "x": 2, "y": 45, "format": "<font face='XVMSymbol' size='13' color='#CCCCCC'>A</font> <b><font size='12' face='$FieldFont' color='{{v.c_wn8effd}}'>{{v.tdb%-4d|--}}</font></b>", 
         "shadow": { "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 0.8, "blur": 2, "strength": 5, "distance": 0, "angle": 0 }
in colors.xc
    // Dynamic color by average win8 damage efficiency on current tank
    "wn8effd": [
      { "value": 0.2,  "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_bad" } },
      { "value": 0.4,  "color": ${"def.colorRating.bad"      } },
      { "value": 0.8,  "color": ${"def.colorRating.normal"   } },
      { "value": 1.0,  "color": ${"def.colorRating.good"     } },
      { "value": 1.4,  "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_good"} },
      { "value": 15,   "color": ${"def.colorRating.unique"   } }
Now i picked the ratio just based on what i would think they would be.  So the ratio might not be 100% right.
So now it colors like in the example picture.  462 = my avg dmg, 325 = win8exp green value


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